Tapestry Kinetics offers belly dance and fitness classes in Noblesville, IN and surrounding areas.

Current Classes

Bellydance: A Hip Workout!
Modern Egyptian Bellydance


12:30-1:30pm Saturdays

All ages welcome
$50 per month
$12.50 per single class

Upcoming Classes

Bellydance: A Hip Workout

Fishers Parks & Recreation

Classes begin Wednesday May 15


Tapestry Kinetics Mission Statement

Stacie taught an Astrobelly Class at the First Planet Bellydance Convention in Lansing Michigan in May 2012.

Planet Bellydance

Fantasy Show

Friday May 18, 2012

Performing The Temple of Isis choreographed by Keti Sharif

Music: Tango Serai by Nassir Selimi

Stacie is a lifelong dancer with the good fortune of a broad range of movement training and performance experience. It is difficult to maintain a variety of movement disciplines and maintain the depth that makes the discipline unique.

She began Tapestry Kinetics as a somatic education program that transforms and preserves these movement traditions through practice, live performance and research. Bellydance, Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Pilates, Ideokinesis and Yoga are woven into into each class, practice session and performance.